Fix Jio 4G Voice Offline or Call Not Connecting

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Maybe you getting problems while connecting calls through Jio sim. Usually many users are complaining that Jio 4G Voice is offline or not working at all. It is a common problem and just take 2 minutes to fix it. But please make sure, do you really need Jio 4G Voice app? if your phone already supports VoLTE, then there is no need to install this app.

Note: If you not have Jio 4G Voice App, you can get App or APK here.

Come back to topic, If you are running it on non-VoLTE phone and still getting error then i will show you how to solve this problem also how to configure Jio 4G Voice app.

How to Solve Jio 4G Voice Offline Issue

You know, most of the mobile companies provide VoLTE for sim slot 1 only. So insert the jio sim in port 1 and check if it’s showing volte near tower symbol. If it does, then you should not face any difficulties while making calls through regular dial pad.
So, what if your phone doesn’t have volte? To come over this problem, Reliance has launched Jio 4G Voice app. With this, you can call to any network in India provided that Jio mobile data is ON. Follow step by step below.

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Insert sim in 1st slot then turn on mobile again.
  3. Go to settings > Mobile networks and click on ‘search network manually’.
  4. Please wait for a minute then it will show you 7-8 different network.
  5. Select Jio 4G.
  6. After you are registered on network, install or open Jio4GVoice app.
  7. Now turn on mobile data of Jio SIM.
  8. Jio 4G Voice will start connecting to network and once the connection is established, it will show you status as online.
  9. This should solve your ‘jio 4G voice offline’ or ‘call not connecting’ problems.

Note: If you still get problems, try restart phone. Then wait until Jio receives signal. Now turn on Jio mobile data & your Jio4GVoice will be online within next 15 seconds.

Other problem: Not receiving SMS on Jio SIM

  1. Install Jio4GVoice app from here or update existing app to latest version.
  2. Then it will asked for several permissions for calling and messaging.
  3. Give all of then else some functions will not work.
  4. Now while checking SMS, do not open your default inbox.
  5. You need to know, the SMS which you are going to receive can be seen on Jio4G voice app itself.
  6. You have to use it for sending or receiving sms through Reliance jio sim.

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