How to Increase Jio 4G Speed Upto 40Mbps Speed with 10 Simple Tricks

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Simple steps to increase Jio 4G speed upto 40Mbps, and now i will share to you 10 tricks how to increase your Jio 4G Speed. Before it i have given 7 Tips to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed from 500 KBps to 10Mbps. You need to check what is your current Jio 4G speed with download Internet Speed Meter App from the Play Store. Then please make sure your Mobile Network is connected to Band 40. After it install JioTV Application in your Mobile > Start ‘RIL AGM’ Channel > Set Quality to High. Now you can check the speed meter maximum.

how to increase jio 4g speed

10 Simple Tricks How to Increase Jio 4G Speed Upto 40Mbps Speed

1. Set Preferred Network Type

  • Open call application and dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Select the phone/device information option.
  • Select “Set Preferred Network Type”.
  • Select LTE only.

2. Increase Jio 4G Speed for Lyf Flame 6 Smartphone

  • Download AnyCut app from play store.
  • Create shortcuts for “Phone Info” and “Engineering Mode” from app.
  • Open the phone info shortcut and set “Preferred Network Type” to “TD-LTE Singlemode”.
  • Check the speed now, If it doesn’t work then proceed with this.
  • Open “engineering mode” and click on “Band Select”.
  • Uncheck FDD_Band5 & click on SET button. If 2300 MHz band is available in your area, then just go for it.
  • Restart your phone.

3. Rooted Phones

  • Download 3G/4G Speed optimizer.
  • In Select network speed, choose : 12/28/7 – Max Speed (Low battery efficiency) option.
  • Click on “Apply Tweak”.
  • Restart phone.

4. Changing APN Settings

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Choose Mobile networks option.
  3. Set Preferred network type to LTE & press back button.
  4. Select Access Point Names (APN).
  5. Scroll down until you see ‘APN protocol’ option > make it IPv4/IPv6.
  6. Again scroll & select ‘Bearer’ option & choose ‘LTE’.
  7. Now save all the settings (Important).
  8. Turn on your data connection & check speed.

5. Using VPN (No root required)

  1. Download ‘Snap VPN‘ from play store. It’s available free of cost.
  2. After opening, you will see the list of countries. In front on each, signal strength is given.
  3. Select the country which has good strength & tap on connect (poor strength = less speed).
  4. It might not connect in first attempt, keep trying.
  5. Once the connection is established, try downloading some files to check downloading speed.

6. Increase Jio Speed with DAP

DAP is Download Accelerator Plus app which is still popular on windows platform. Now they support android OS too & it’s really working great. I noticed significant speed improvement after testing some file through UC browser & DAP.

  1. Install DAP from here (4.71 MB in size).
  2. Search the file that you want to download on any browser.
  3. Long tap on download link & click on ‘copy link address’.
  4. Once you do this, DAP will open automatically.
  5. Hit on start button & get super fast speed on Jio.

7. Boost Jio Download Speed with ADM

Maybe you ever used IDM (internet download manager) on PC? It drastically improves speed by splitting large files into small pieces. But unfortunately, this great software is not available for android. Don’t worry! you can use ADM App. Follow steps in below.

  1. Install ADM app in your device. Good news! It doesn’t require root permission.
  2. They have an in-built browser which is not so fancy, so better is to avoid it.
  3. Open chrome or any browser & search for the file you want to download.
  4. Copy the url & open ADM.
  5. At top right corner, you will find + sign. Click on it & past the url.
  6. Hit start button & see the magic!
  7. When I tried this trick, I got whooping speed of 1~2 MBps even when there was poor Jio network in my area. Speed was fluctuating a bit but never went below 800 KBps.

8. Increase Jio Speed using different server name

  1. Go to your apn setting & scroll down.
  2. In server section, type & save settings.
  3. Reconnect your internet & check speed again.

9. Using Speedify to increase Jio net speed

  1. They have both version (for android & desktop version).
  2. If you are gonna use Wifi, then use desktop version else download their android app if you want to increase speed in mobile.
  3. It’s kind of VPN only.
  4. Simply connect to nearest server & enjoy high speed 4G in your Reliance Jio sim.

10. Remove / Bypass Jio 1GB Limit

Increase Jio Speed After 1GB Limit

  1. Download MyJio app. (if you’re not use Android, go to My Jio Old Version APK Download.)
  2. Make sure you have turned on Jio 4g data.
  3. Open the app & grant all permissions.
  4. Now click on “skip sign in” option to login automatically.
  5. On the dashboard, you will see the details of Jio happy new year offer.
  6. At the bottom, there are 2 options “recharge” & “usage”.
  7. Click on recharge tab to proceed further.
  8. Under browse plans, there will be again 2 sections : Combo & Booster
  9. You need to choose booster plans.
  10. Now it is time to activate plan. Its details are given below:

Removing / Bypassing 1GB Limit on Jio

  • 2 screenshoot speed booster plansSee 2 screenshoot speed booster plans above.
  • Data pack 301 : Pay 301 Rs & get 6GB 4G data for 28 days. You will still get 1GB per day till March end.Data pack 51 : On subscribing, you will get 1GB extra data at 51 Rs which will be valid for single day.
  • Select the plan as per requirement & make payment via JioMoney or credit or debit cards.
  • You have successfully bypassed 1GB Jio limit.

Finally you have to Increase Jio 4G Speed Upto 40Mbps Speed with 10 Simple Tricks. But you need to know, Clearing the Cache is one of trick how to increase Jio 4G Speed. Why? because android system stores so much data by using few files and apps, so removing cache will helps you increase Jio 4G Speed. Just with open your Device Android Settings > click on Storage and USB > under Internal Storage just tap on Cached Data > confirm by clicking OK on Clear cached Data. I hope can help you :).

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