How to Setup & Connect JioFi to Windows/PC/Laptop

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Setup & Connect JioFi to Windows/PC/Laptop with easy steps. You can connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices like smartphone, Laptops, Tablets and even Smart TVs. JioFi allows to connect up to 32 devices. Let’s follow steps below:

How to Setup JioFi

  1. Open JioFi Box, Check JioFi, Adaptor, Cable and Battery.
  2. Then open the back cover of JioFi, insert Jio SIM and battery. Make sure that the chip of SIM card is facing down and close the cover.
  3. Press and hold the power on button to switch on the JioFi.
  4. See Signal Indicator, Wi-Fi indicator and Battery indicator lit up. If Signal indicator is Green / Blue in colour to ensure JioFi is in good network coverage.
  5. Set up of your JioFi device is complete.

How to Connect JioFi to Windows/PC/Laptop

  1. Go to WiFi Settings on your Laptops / Desktops.
  2. Select your JioFi device (SSID*) from the list of available SSIDs*.
  3. Then enter your JioFi Password.
  4. Your Laptop/Desktop (Wi-Fi Capable) is now connected with your JioFi


Note: To know your SSID/Password you can either check the label on your JioFI Box or check the device label present in the battery compartment.

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